Niche Blogs Or Websites Are Sites Made On One Specific Topic

Most of the time to make money online A site about Cats and Dogs is a general website, a site about Puppies is a specialized website, a site about Puppy Obedience Training is a niche website, and a site about Puppy Home Training is a micro-niche website.

The first step is to have an idea of what product to promote. Ideas can be found on the Internet browsing topics in search engines or directories, browsing merchants in affiliate networks, or taking note of potential niche seen in the magazines of the Malls bookstore and newspaper stand. Google Product Search is also a good way to see products that were searched, and consequently in demand.

What are Niche WebsitesIt is then necessary to research what keywords and long-tailed keywords are bringing monthly traffic in Google and the level of competition. If a keyword has no or little competition and 3,000 monthly searches in Google, it is an indication that it will be easier to rank first on the first page of the search engines. A hundred thousand of searches usually translates in a lot of competition.

A few searches indicates that the website has little traffic sent by search engines, while lots of competition translate with more work to do to obtain a good rank and win the competition. Keyword research is a key task that can be done with a selection of free online tools.

Additionally, the use of these free tools being time consuming and not really productive, an affordable paid software that makes easier and speeds up the process in finding all the necessary data for each chosen keyword may be utilized. A possibility to do well with a niche is more obvious and gold mines may be pinpointed.

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What are Niche WebsitesAfter the analysis is completed, it is time to buy a domain name that includes that specific keyword or phrase, it could be DogTrainingTricks or DoggyFoodRecipes with a .com, .net or .org extension. If the keyword is already taken for these domains, the word Top, Good or Bad can be added at the beginning. The word Review or Tips may be added at the end, as it is seen fit.

The website in itself can be made using an HTML template and adding content, articles and photos, or a WordPress blog. It is necessary to have content related to the topic and with the keywords targeted in order to rank in search engines. Then, product links can be added in order to make sales and earn an income.

In order to rank well and consequently make sales, it is inevitable to do some SEO work and promote the site via article marketing, video marketing, bookmarking, or other methods. Niche marketers usually have a multitude of niche websites on different topics in order to make a decent income.

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